Privacy Policy

Kamp Slapić respects the privacy of all customers, service users and data users of our website and has implemented the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR General Data Protection Regulation – EC 2016/679).

Controller of the processing of personal data: Obrt Kamp Slapić Mrežnički Brig b.b, e-mail
The address of our website is:


We collect or accept personal information in a variety of ways. The way in which your personal data is processed depends on the type of business relationship from which we collect data, and only those personal data that are necessary for this purpose are processed.

By using the website, we collect information about your access device and IP address. We use information about your access device and IP address to monitor marketing activities and to obtain web analytics, which you can read more about below.

By using the contact form on the website, we process data such as name, surname, e-mail address and telephone number. We use the same data exclusively for the timely answering of your inquiry, i.e. continuation of communication and possible realization of business cooperation.

We also collect data through your inquiries via e-mail, regular mail or through other forms of communication.

We process basic personal data that we collect during the business relationship, for example name, surname, OIB, address, e-mail, mobile or landline telephone number.
Additional personal data that may be collected depending on the nature of the business relationship are date of birth and gender, personal experiences and opinions, data for issuing invoices when ordering any service, data on transactions within the business relationship (type and number of services, date of service), customer support data (questions, answers and information you provide in this context), photos, videos and comments, which you send or post to us yourself, location and geographic data, which you provide to us, your personal data, obtained from publicly available sources, including data from social networks, other data that you provide to us in the context of your self-initiated inquiry or necessary to comply with legal requirements based on valid legal acts.


As a controller of the processing of personal data, we protect your privacy and only process data that is necessary for business activities, whether the data is obtained from you or from publicly available sources.
The purpose of processing your personal data is to fulfill contractual obligations, comply with legal obligations and provide services based on your request.

We collect data for the following purposes:
To fulfill obligations arising from a contract with you;
Carrying out sales and/or transactions in the context of a business relationship;
Compliance with legal obligations;
Identity verification to prevent fraud;
Informing about products, news, promotions, special offers, sending promotional and advertising messages by e-mail, regular mail, messages to a mobile phone number;
Providing the services you request (web notifications, automatic notification of news, news, etc.);
Ensure that the content and functionality of the website is adapted to your wishes and needs;
Advertising through networks such as search engines and social networks;
Administrative data management on the website and in our internal business system (CRM);
Conducting website research and analysis, including analyzing the effectiveness of marketing and advertising campaigns using an online analytics tool;

If we process your personal data for purposes not described, we will provide you with relevant information about the processing prior to such processing.


We use the Google Analytics tool from Google to analyze our website. The data that Google Analytics collects about your use of the website (e.g. your initial URL, the web browser you use, language settings, computer system or screen resolution) is stored and analyzed on a Google server in the United States and is then made available in an anonymised form. made using the Google Analytics service. Google uses an EU-US privacy certificate and therefore applies an appropriate level of data protection in data processing. We recommend that you view the Google Privacy Statement for additional information about Google and Google Analytics.


We will only retain your personal data for the period necessary to achieve the purpose of the processing, except in cases where we are required by law to retain your personal data.
Only authorized persons and partners who support us in business (processors) have access to your personal data. An agreement on the processing and protection of personal data has been concluded with authorized partners, which offers the same level of protection for your personal data. Exceptionally, we may pass on your personal data to third parties, if you request and allow us to pass on your personal data to a third party.
We protect your personal data against unauthorized deletion and access using technical and physical security measures in such a way that the personal data collected is adequately protected.


You have the right to request, at any time and without explanation, that we modify, restrict, terminate or permanently delete your personal information from records. Withdrawal of consent/consent does not affect the lawfulness of processing carried out on the basis of consent until its withdrawal.

You can withdraw your consent at any time by sending a request to the company address or official email.
If consent is withdrawn, your personal data will be destroyed, unless further storage is required by law.
You can choose not to share the requested information with us, but please note that certain information is necessary in order to provide an answer to your question and feedback about the requested service and/or product.


In cases where the processing and retention of data is based on a contract or is determined by law, the retention period is aligned with the contract or the law.
We reserve the right to remove from databases and records any information that there are reasonable grounds to believe is untrue or inaccurate, without prior notice.
The right to erase your personal data does not apply in cases where the processing of personal data is determined by legal acts and is binding.

The privacy policy is valid from May 26, 2018